Hunter's Creative Recipe

Hunter creates blueprints of beauty worldwide. Using the finest materials, each piece has breathtaking color, sharpness, and scale. Special paper responds to light, and includes Hunter's signature. A long-term investment.
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Hunter's Creative Recipe

The Passion

Hunter has spent years working with the finest cameras, photographic papers, and processes…all in pursuit of his passion…creating fine-art as grand, inspiring and peaceful as the wide-open vistas he pursues.

Creating The Blueprint of Beauty

Constantly pushing the limits of technology, Hunter maintains a deep quiver of cameras, each with unique strengths. Hunting light worldwide, he captures that perfect 30 seconds of light to create the blueprint of beauty. 

Amazing Paper That Responds To Light

Hunter’s blueprint is printed onto an incredible photographic paper that boasts remarkable color saturation, tack sharpness of detail, breathtaking scale up to 11 feet, and most unique…special metallic properties that respond to light. Watch the sky come alive as the light charges the metallic properties in the paper, or enjoy the sun set before your eyes as you dim the lights

Signature, Your Piece of the Collection

Each piece includes Hunter’s signature, and the limited edition 40x60 and Panoramic art is individually numbered within the edition. You exclusively own this piece in the collection, and it will not be printed again.


We use UV resistant inks and specially designed preservation materials that provide maximum strength while still remaining lightweight for easy handling and display. The art is protected in the front with a fine-art plexiglass that brings to life the colors and detail in the vista with a gloriously clean and glossy look. The back of the photograph is sealed with a sturdy material to ensure its longevity. Your art is preserved front to back.

Hanging Made Easy - Contour Frame & Infinity Frame

The Contour Frame conquers the complexity of the frame. One seamless piece of beauty… clean, sleek and simple. The Infinity Frame has the look of a disappearing edge, and specially designed preservation protects the piece front to back. Both the Infinity Frame and Contour Frame include pre-installed hanging braces for immediate display on any hanging device.


Long-Term investment

A fine-art piece of the highest quality, crafted as a long-term investment that appreciates in value. 

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Art Tiles
Only the best Only the best Only the best
Infinity Frame Contour Fame Traditional Art
Highest Grade Color & Detail Only the best Only the best Only the best
Metallic Paper Responds to Light Only the best Only the best Only the best
UV Resistant Inks & Long Life Protection Only the best Only the best Only the best
Vacuum Sealed from Humidity & Harmful Elements Only the best Only the best Only the best
Rear Brace System Eliminates Bowing & Warping Only the best Only the best Only the best
Frame & Hanging Hardware Included with Art Only the best Only the best Only the best
Letter of Authenticity & Unique Serial Number Only the best Only the best Only the best
Sizes 20x30 & 37x56 25x35 & 40x60 __
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